Staying In A Villa Resort Ixtapa

By Sean Elstins

Choosing the best Villa Resort Ixtapa will have you centrally located to enjoy all that is offered in this wonderful spot. Ixtapa, Mexico is a fantastic idea for that getaway from the rest of the world. With so many different ideas of things to do you will be plenty busy.

Of course while you're away you will want to visit a few of the wonderful locations in this area. Like the museum where you will be able to see the history of the past in this spot. With many different fantastic examples of the different eras in this area. Ranging from the prehispanic times in the area to the colonial era.

Pottery that was found around the area is in that museum and it's great to see. In those findings you will see the proof of times when the Aztec and Toltec were prevalent in this area.

Close to the water you will be able to enjoy all kinds of popular choices of things to do. From scuba diving to snorkeling and even a plain old swim. Sitting on the beach and enjoy this lovely location is a must for all who go there to vacation. Even offering water taxi service if you plan to end out to another location. The cost is very reasonable too.

Or if you're hoping for something else to do head over to the marina and check out what they offer. Here you will find tennis to play, fishing tours that you can go on, or even a golf course to take a try on. Plus there are many shops to check out too.

For those romantics in the world you need to try out the sunset cruise that is offered. Not only is it very inexpensive to do, but when you pay for the cruise you have drinks included too.

Overall if you're a golfer who is looking for a different place to play, you have two choices here. While the shopping can be something easily enjoyed too with a bunch of different choices where you can pick up most of anything.

Planning a vacation during May you may even be able to enjoy the Artisans Market that only takes place during that time. There is easily something for everyone to do and have fun at in this area.

With a stay in a Villa Resort you will have the privacy that you seek in a vacation. The best way to enjoy a vacation is to feel like you're still at home, but you're staying away from work. That's what you can find when you head to this area and pick the perfect place to stay in. - 30312

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Ixtapa Villa Rental: Welcome To Paradise

By Sean Elstins

No one can go wrong with an Ixtapa Villa Rental. This is true because of its location. Ixtapa is a beach resort in Mexico and is also popular stop among tourists and cruise goers. The exquisite beaches in the area are an irresistible trait the resorts have to offer. Villa rentals in Ixtapa make it possible for you to take advantage of such a beautiful landscape

This resort area has all the things vacation goers could ever want. From fishing, swimming, dining, scuba diving, and of course let's not forget the night life, Ixtapa has it all. The myriad of activities make it the perfect place for singles ready to let loose, or families wanting to find a peaceful vacation spot.

Renting a villa is the best way to take advantage of all the amenities this resort town has to offer. Spacious with excellent services, villa rentals provide you with the relaxation necessary during such an amazing vacation. With all of this, a vacation of a lifetime is inevitable. The privacy the villa provides allow to take a moment out of your day just to think and the city allows you to go out and have fun.

Villas provide the privacy you would needs in such a fast moving town such as Ixtapa. With everyone there for a vacation, having a place to yourself ensures the privacy and serenity that everyone needs. If that is not what you want bungalows, hotels, and condos are also always available.

The town is a major tourist attraction; however, it isn't as fast paced as Cancun, making it the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the things you might have enjoyed back home and at the same time have fun doing what vacationers do without the hassle of long lines and waits. The villas help you do everything and anything you want to do.

Everyday can become a vacation with a rental villa. You would never have to leave it. The privacy ensures a quiet scene. There also many things one can do inside of a villa taking advantage of all the amenities it has to offer. It can become your home away from home at least for a few days.

Villa rentals provide you with the right amount of relaxation and fun. In a town like Ixtapa, this is exactly what you would need. If this is not what you want, other types of rentals can help you meet your needs, but villas are most definitely the way to go. - 30312

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Why You Should Rent A Villa In Mexico

By Sean Elstins

The country of Mexico is one of the most breathtaking, cultural and energetic in the whole world. Situated to the south of the United States, Mexico has a myriad of sounds, sights and smells just waiting to be experienced. It is vital that you choose the right villa in Mexico to ensure that your sightseeing adventures go without a hitch.

Along the length and breadth of Mexico are thousands of opulent villas available for rent. Many come with their own balcony, a barbeque outside and a private swimming pool. If you opt for a rental villa situated on the coast, you will also be able to enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

Renting a wonderful villa means that you have the freedom to enjoy your immediate surroundings or travel further afield. It is advisable to arrange to hire a car to be able to sightsee on your vacation, which is easily done once you step off of the plane.

You may choose just to lounge by the pool at the villa, take to the beach for a spot of sunbathing or enjoy some of the watersports available such as water skiing. For a fuller vacation, Mexico also has a myriad of informational museums and historically important ruins to be enjoyed, many within quick driving distance of your base. And of course, there is wonderful food, entertainment and music to be relished too.

Finding a Mexican rental villa is really simple. There are hundreds of villa rental agents who have their own websites on the internet for example. You may also discover private advertizements in magazines and rental specific press releases. It is also possible to approach a travel agent and arrange a spectacular villa as part of your Mexican vacation package. You may find that booking a villa via the internet may attract a small discount too, giving you a perfect base for your vacation and saving you some money.

If you would like to know which areas are the best to visit in Mexico then it is worth reading some reviews. Many people like to let others know about their experiences in Mexico and post reviews on forums and travel websites. This is a great way to find out which places in Mexico will give you the best vacation experience.

No matter whether your villa in Mexico is on the coast or inland, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful vacation. The people are warm and friendly, the weather is hot and the country as a whole will leave you with wonderful memories of your time there. Infact, you may find yourself returning to Mexico again and again! - 30312

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Reasons To Rent A Cabo San Lucas Villa

By Jason King

There are a few good reasons to rent a Los Cabos villa instead of going to an expensive resort or hotel. Staying anywhere in Cabo San Lucas will be a pleasure, but if you can expand on that enjoyment, why shouldn't you?

When you spend your vacation at a Cabo villa, you and your family or friends are the only occupants in the property. This gives you so much more peace and tranquility. You get the benefit of more security as well as your privacy. If you spend your vacation in the Pedregal De Cabo San Lucas gated community there are 24 hour security patrols.

If you go to the Baja Peninsula with a with some of your family you can all split the cost of the Cabo villa. This gives you more privacy for the same price as a vacation at a Cabo San Lucas beach resort. You will just have to come to an arrangement over who has which room as they're not all equal. So you can modify everyone's cost, or you can exchange rooms during your stay at the villa.

Getting a lounger around the pool can be challenge nearly every morning at a resort. Getting up very early to put your towel on a sun lounger when you're on vacation isn't fun. At your Los Cabos Villa you don't have to set your alarm clock for your pool space. You'll also notice it's much more peaceful as well around your villa pool. Just relaxing in your lounger getting them rays with the breeze from the Pacific Ocean cooling you off.

If you like white sands the beach is only a few minutes away down the Pedregal hills. Although you can't swim in the Ocean due to the strong undercurrents this does give you the beach virtually to yourself. But if you do fancy a dip in the water you have your luxury pool back at your villa.

Staying at a hotel can make your mealtimes over priced. Staying at the your Los Cabos villa gives you the choice of a walk into downtown Cabo to one of the many restaurants. Your main choices are Italian, Mexican and seafood. With any of these you can't be without the Tequila theme as it's so popular in Cabo San Lucas. Some of them have such a variety of Tequila you won't get through them all in one vacation. If you don't want to take a stroll into downtown Cabo you can get a hire car, and you'll be able park the car at the villa depending on which one you spend your vacation in.

If you don't want to go into downtown Cabo San Lucas for your meals you can just buy some groceries. You can then cook the meal yourself in your villa's gourmet kitchen. And your other option is to request an onsite Gourmet Chef to cook the meal for you.

Every villa has a BBQ as well that you can play chef on. A few steaks or ribs cooking on the BBQ can make anyone hungry.

Being a stones throw away from downtown Cabo you can easily have a stroll down to the nightlife. There you can make the most of the Tequila bars and live bands. An evening in The Giggling Marlin will give you a night in Los Cabos to remember. - 30312

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The Best Fish To Catch In Mexico

By Sean Elstins

One of the most common activities for travelers and citizens in Mexico is sport fishing. Mexico's oceans are home to several types of big fish. Year round these oceans of full of the perfect catch for fishermen. Some of the popular catches for sport fishing in Mexico's waters include Sailfish, Marlin, Snook, Tarpon and Wahoo.

Blue Marlin is a popular fish for sport fishermen in Mexico. Being the heaviest and largest of the marlins they are a very tough fish to catch. The Blue Marlin puts up a big fight and has an incredible jumping range. September through November is the prime season for catching any kind of Marlin with October being the best month.

Very similar to the Blue Marlin the Black Marlin is also an enticing hunt for any fisherman looking for a challenge. The Black Marlin has a darker stripe along its back than the Blue Marlin. This type of Marlin is much more rare to find, and they are the most aggressive of the Marlin species. Fishermen find themselves spending long hours bringing in a Black Marlin and oftentimes wind up loosing the fight.

Sailfish can be found all year long, but the fall months seem to be when the bigger sailfish are caught. The Sailfish is a beautiful fish and an excellent jumper, but are proven to be an easier catch than Marlin as they tire out quickly. Fishermen have been successful catching these fish by trolling with lures or live bait, and also kite fishing from boats.

The Wahoo fish can be found off the coast of Mexico during the summer months. They are easy to find either around reefs or further out in the ocean. Tuna, squid, small mackerel, and puffers are some of the prey that the Wahoo feeds on.

Snook can be found in lagoons among snags or in open waters. These fish are abundant all throughout Central America, and are highly sensitive to temperature changes. The larger of the Snook fish are usually found in the more deep and open waters.

Another fish that is common off the coast of Mexico is Tarpon. These fish often give the best shallow water fishing experiences, with their tendencies to shoot from the water to shake the hook. The average rate of catching Tarpon is about one catch out of every five hooks. In June and July the bigger Tarpon are more commonly found.

The oceans off the coast of Mexico is a popular destination for fishermen from all over. A wide variety of fish can be found here all year round giving fishermen challenging, memorable, and unique experiences. - 30312

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Ixtapa, Mexico Vacation Is Fun For All

By Sean Elstins

An Ixtapa, Mexico vacation offers the best of all worlds. The area boasts beautiful white sand beaches ideal for all water sports, has first class amenities, and proximity to the tranquil old town of neighboring Zihuatanejo. Ixtapa is a modern resort area, but still much smaller than Cancun and Acapulco.

Ixtapa is located on the Pacific Coast, approximately 145 miles (240 km) northwest of Acapulco. The region is known for its hilly, tropical coastline dotted with white sandy beaches and wonderful hidden coves. Half the land in Ixtapa has been set aside as an ecological reserve. The average annual temperature is 78.8 Fahrenheit, and the sun shines approximately 340 days out of the year. Even in the rainy season (June to September) the sun is only interrupted by brief afternoon showers.

Ixtapa-Zihautanejo International Airport is minutes from the resort area, and has nonstop flights from many United States cities. Once you are at the resort, local transportation via taxi is reliable. If you plan to explore areas outside of Ixtapa, a rental car, available at the airport, is necessary.

In addition to being a wonderful area for golfing, tennis, and relaxing in the sun, Ixtapa is very popular for all water sports, including sport fishing. The main types of fish caught are marlin, rooster fish and sail fish. A number of excellent boat charters are offered, along with equipment. Local fishing captains are known for their experience and ability in finding premium fishing spots along the coast. Back on land, golfers can choose between two superior courses.

Ixtapa's beaches are the most memorable part of any vacation. They range from those with large waves ideal for surfing, to small beaches in secluded, protected coves, excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling. The region is extremely desirable for scuba and snorkeling because it is part of the southwestern coastal plain, with underwater volcanic rock and marine sediment. This provides interesting viewing for divers and snorkelers alike. A multitude of certified dive schools provide extensive training, along with equipment. This ensures exciting and enjoyable dives at over fifty dive sites. Beaches best known for good snorkeling and diving are Playa Las Gatas and Ixtapa Island.

Ixtapa is only five minutes from the quaint Mexican village of Zihuatanejo. Visitors can easily split their time between both places. The combined locales provide an abundance of first class restaurants and a huge variety of shopping. Zihuatanejo has lovely seaside cafes, markets selling local crafts, and a picturesque promenade by the sea, contrasted by Ixtapa's contemporary sophistication.

Visitors to Ixtapa unwind in comfort and luxury while also being exposed to traditional, charming old-Mexican character. An Ixtapa, Mexico vacation is a less crowded, more tranquil experience that promotes true relaxation. - 30312

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Transfer Money to Mexico Using Either a Debit Card or Specialized Service

By Susan Brown

Transmitting funds to Mexico is a common happening in the United States. With more than 8 million of this nation's residents having Mexican heritage, it is no wonder that the capacity to send money to Mexico is important. When you need to transfer funds back home, you should not have to pay high costs. Doing so regularly can take up not only a lot of time, but also extra funds in fees. Finding alternatives to these costs is crucial if you want to save funds, and locating a bank or special program that provides transfers for free or really inexpensive can be just what you need.

Luckily, several popular banks now have specialty programs just to permit you to send money to Mexico. Chase Bank boasts Rapid Cash, which allows consumers to send three different remittances of up to $1500 each every billing cycle. The cash is sent Banorte bank in Mexico, either directly into your recipient's account or to be picked up by them. Taking into account that most financial institutions without such programs charge up to $45 per transfer, you can save a lot of money this way if you want to send money to Mexico three times or less per month.

Bank of America has a similar program called SafeSend. As long as you have a personal checking account and enroll in the service, you can send money for free to your relatives. Similarly to Chase, you can send money to Mexico up to three times each billing cycle, up to $1500 every time. However, the total you can send in 30 days is $3000, so be sure to keep that in mind. In addition, $1 USD equals about 13.4 pesos, which you should remember when sending money. Just remember that the exchange rate changes a lot, so check it right before you send money to Mexico.

These choices will work if you have to send a lot of funds a few times a month. However, what if you simply need to transfer some funds weekly? The fees may add up. Instead, consider mailing your recipient a prepaid debit card. You could then add funds as often as you like, for any amount you need, for a flat charge of $5. You do not have to have an account with any specific bank, and neither does your recipient. They could use the card at shops for a small charge of about 13 pesos, or they could withdraw cash out of any ATM in Mexico for less than 40 pesos. If they want to avoid charges as much as possible, they could withdraw the money all at once and pay the small fee just once.

You should select the option that works best for you. For one-time payments, or just one transfer per month, a bank could work best if you already have an account there. But if your recipient needs cash regularly and you are not sure of the amount every time, sending them a prepaid debit card could be the smartest move. - 30312

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